Our attorneys have successfully represented some of Puerto Rico’s leading K-12 private institutions for decades. Puerto Rico’s education law landscape is complex and highly regulated. Our team specializes in industry norms applicable to real estate negotiations, school discipline, civil rights, labor and employment negotiations and disputes, litigation and more. Our Education Law and Charter Schools practice team also advices charter schools on establishing and operating in Puerto Rico under the framework recently established by the 2018 Educational Reform Act. While charter schools continue to gain popularity as an alternative to traditional public education, their advancement is not free from regulatory hurdles and controversies. Charter schools must operate in accordance with their charter and meet the accountability standards and abide by the rules and policies established by their state authorizers.

Our education attorneys provide experienced advice and representation on all issues related to charter schools, including:

  • School board governance, liability, and administrative matters
  • Regulatory and compliance-related matters
  • Charter applications, petitions, revisions, and renewals
  • Real estate negotiation, leasing, and contracting
  • Development of memorandums of understanding
  • Oversight responsibilities, fiscal monitoring, transparency, and investigations
  • Revocation proceedings
  • Finance, acquisition, and construction of facilities
  • Appropriate monitoring procedures
  • Labor and employment issues, including union-related matters
  • Special education law and disability accommodations
  • Facilities management and safety issues
  • Teacher and student discipline
  • Puerto Rico nonprofit law
  • Administrative law proceedings
  • Policy development
  • Public records management
  • Best practices, policies, and procedures